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Istituto Suzuki Italiano (ISI)

via Roma, 8 - 12100 Cuneo, Italy


+39 0171 410041


  • Country Director

    Marco Messina

  • Deputy Country Director

    Ann Stupay

  • Treasurer

    Rosario Trivellone

  • Administrator

    Sara Comete

  • Secretary

    Ottavia Guarnaccia

  • Annual General Meeting

    26th March 2022

  • President

    Stefano Viada

  • Vice President

    Virginia Ceri

  • Art Director

    Marco Messina

  • Other Board Members

    Emiliana Sessa

  • National Teacher Training Courses

    Double Bass, Turin - Antonello Peretto

    Flute - Marco Messina

    Flute - Anke van der Bijl

    Guitar - Elio Galvagno

    Guitar, Saluzzo - Francesca Galvagno

    Harp, Turin - Gabriella Bosio

    Mandolin - Amelia Saracco

    Piano - Silvia Faregna

    Piano - Lola Tavor

    Viola, Rome - Joanne Martin

    Violin, Turin - Virginia Ceri

    Violin, Turin - Robert Lee Mosca

    Violin, Turin - Liana Mosca

    Violoncello, Turin - Alessandro Andriani

    Violoncello, Turin - Antonio Mosca

    Violoncello, Turin - Ruben Rivera

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