Italy celebrates 25th Anniversary of Suzuki Piano Schools

By Silvia

18th June 2018

Last weekend brought great excitement to Milan where Suzuki Piano students from Firenze, Bologna, Roma, Pavia, Matera, Cagliari and Milano all came together to celebrate the beginning of Suzuki Piano Schools in Italy which was started 25 years ago with Lola Tavor, ESA Piano Teacher Trainer, Switzerland.

The finale of the weekend was a concert performed by both current and past Suzuki students of the Centro Musicale Suzuki of Milan who are no Suzuki Piano teachers themselves and performers at a professional level.

The concert was held in honour of Lola Tavor as an occasion to thank her for all her work in bringing the Suzuki Method™ for Piano to Italy and creating the first Suzuki Piano School.

Lola Tavor began her piano studies at the age of 5.  At a very young age, she performed as a soloist with many well-known European orchestras.

In 1980, Lola Tavor decided to devote herself to teaching the piano in depth.  To do this she went to Japan where she discovered and learned the pedagogy and teaching of the Suzuki Method™.  In 1982 she received the diploma personally, and is recognized as a pioneer of this method in Europe, by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and Dr. Haruko Kataoka.  Since 1982, Lola Tavor has devoted herself entirely to teaching by the Suzuki Method™.  She teaches countless students of all ages and trains teachers in various European centers.

Lola Tavor is now head of the Piano Teacher Training Center in Geneva and Director of the Piano Program at the Swiss Suzuki Institute founded in 1989.  She regularly travels to Northern Italy to teach the Suzuki Method™i to Italian piano teachers.

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