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Lietuvos Suzuki Asociacija (LSA)

Vaistines Skg. 6-3, Kaunas, LT-44001 Lithuania


+370 615 89754


  • Country Director

    Déja Aukštkalnyté

  • Deputy Country Director

  • Treasurer

    Monika Bissekerskaja

  • Administrator

    Violeta Anciene

  • Secretary

    Monika Bissekerskaja

  • Annual General Meeting

    15th October 2022

  • Honorary President

    Terese Varnauskiene

  • President

    Violeta Anciene

  • Instrument Director

    Rima Švegždaite

  • National Teacher Training Courses

    Guitar - Harald Söderberg

    Piano - Ruth Miura

    Violin - Christophe Bossuat

    Violin - Koen Rens

    Violoncello - Annette Costanzi

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