European Suzuki Children's Convention takes Cuneo by storm!

By Marco

22nd July 2022

The 11th European Suzuki Children's Convention took place in Cuneo, Italy, from 13 to 17 July 2022.

About 550 students participated, 80 active teachers and 130 observing teachers as well as an orchestra conductor, a soprano, a tenor, a composer, a cello solist.

The more advanced students took part in the orchestral activities, all the others took part in the instrument lessons. The theme for everyone: the Italian Opera.

The conference began with the Opening Concert after which all the activities began.

finale 4

During the five days, in addition to the morning and afternoon lessons, there were six lectures, two School concerts, a concert with Baroque Music, a Gala Concert by the Plucked Orchestra and a Gala Concert by the Lyric-Symphonic Orchestra, a concert by the mandolin, harp and guitar ensemble, three concerts by the pianists, a Marcing Band made by all the participants in the Percussion Workshop, two performances of the small CML opera by the little ones, the Final Concert.

Besides all this, dozens and dozens of free concerts held in the main street of the city; the city, Cuneo, which has been able to welcome thousands of people with kindness and wonder.

free concert

The event gave everyone, students, families, teachers, citizens, an atmosphere and a positive energy, strong emotions that last and hopefully will last a long time in everyone's heart.

san francesco conference

Here are just a few comments:

“One of the most exciting, most evocative, most complete, most intense, truest events that the city of Cuneo has hosted. The music, the children, the families !!!! This gives a sense to what seems to be rare, the 360-degree family that lives strong and unforgettable experiences with children, thanks for the smiles for the education, for the different languages, so many, heard in these days. "

“There are no borders for those who believe that together is the only way to be truly human. Music teaches how much an orchestra is much, much more than the sum of the individuals. Also for this reason, the children and young people who grow up in music are a hope for everyone. ”

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