City of Viterbo in Italy hosts first SUZUKI™ Winter Workshop

By Ann

15th January 2018

The Centro Sperimentale Musicale per l'Infanzia (CeSMI) hosted the first Suzuki Winter Workshop in Viterbo, Italy from December 8-10th, 2017.

Over 100 Suzuki violin, viola, cello and double bass students enjoyed lessons, body percussion, rehearsals and concerts in the beautiful and historic medieval city of Viterbo, just 80 northwest of Rome.

The city provided its magnificent Cathedral as a venue for the Concerto competition winners to perform accompanied by the CeSMI Youth Orchestra as well as the Teatro dell’Unione for the Final Concert.

The students and their families came from cities including Aosta, Firenze, Casagiove, Cosenza as well as Rome and Viterbo.

“Bach Double Koen, first or second ?"

The team of 11 Suzuki teachers included Italian violin teacher trainer Virginia Ceri from Florence and guest teacher trainers  Helen Brunner (UK) and Koen Rens (Belgium) as well as organisers Naomi Barlow and Ann Stupay joined by  Fausto Castlglione, Fulvia Corrazza, Ottavia Guarnaccia, Sonia Romano, Elisabetta Sciotti and Rosario Trivellone.

It was a wonderful first experience  and everyone is now looking forward to the 2nd edition of the Winter workshop in Viterbo in 2019. 

Istituto Suzuki Italiano

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