First Accordion Teacher Trainer appointed!

By ESA Administrator

06th June 2024

Elena Enrico, the creator of the SUZUKI™ Method on the Accordion is recognised for her dedication to the teaching and principles of the SUZUKI™ Method over the last forteen years.

Elena Enrico began developing the SUZUKI™ Method on the Accordion in 2010.

In 2012 the Suzuki Accordion Project (SAP) was established and every step required for the recognition of the Accordion as a new Suzuki instrument has been carried out in line with International Suzuki Association Policy for New Instruments.

Elena has collaborated with many teachers and accordionists, developing the method for accordion and achieving good results in Italy, America and, in particular, Brazil through collaborations with the State University of Londrina (UEL) and Associação Musical Suzuki do Brasil (AMS Brasil).

Thanks to her work and the work of SAP led by Marco Messina, ESA Flute Teacher Trainer, Elena Enrico was appointed as the first Suzuki Accordion Teacher Trainer, in April 2024.

SUZUKI™ Accordion

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