Austrian Suzuki Institute of Music (ASIoM)

c/o Strohmayergasse 9/21, A-1060, Vienna, Austria

+43 6765101867

  • Country Director

    Andrea Mugrauer-Beis

  • Deputy Country Director

    Monika Witzany

  • Treasurer

    Guenter Herold

  • Administrator

    Guenter Herold

  • Secretary

    Michael Koller

  • Annual General Meeting

    08th March 2024

  • Chair

    Andrea Mugrauer-Beis

  • Deputy Chair

    Monika Witzany

  • National Teacher Training Courses

    Violin - Andrea Mugrauer-Beis

  • Deputy Treasurer

    Pia Karls

  • Deputy Secretary

    Simone Mustein

  • Media

    Annalea Stefansdóttir, Martin Wimmer

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