The Suzuki Teaching Trust (STT) [formally know as the European Suzuki Teaching Development Trust (ESTDT)] is independent of the European Suzuki Association (ESA) and has its own Board of Trustees, but supports the aims of the ESA.

The STT aims to make high quality Suzuki teaching in music and other subjects available to children in the area covered by the ESA (Europe, Africa and the Middle East).

The Trust’s main focus is on supporting Suzuki teacher training projects wherever there is need and demand. All such projects are led by the European Suzuki Association’s qualified and experienced Suzuki Teacher Trainers. The Trust works closely with the ESA and its Teacher Trainers and all Teacher Training courses which receive support from the Trust follow the guidelines of the ESA.

The STT relies on donations and grants to carry out its work.

Anyone who is able to help with donations or fundraising is kindly asked to contact the Administrator or visit the STT website and donate online.