Lola Tavor 1924 - 2024

By Silvia

13th May 2024

Lola Tavor sadly passed away on 9 May 2024 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Lola had recently celebrated her 100th birthday and, until a few years ago, continued to teach daily in Geneva.  Lola Tavor was a gifted pianist and musician with a long career that spanned years which began with her debut at the age of 13.  She later devoted herself to teaching the SUZUKI™ Method

After meeting Anne Turner, the only SUZUKI™ Piano teacher in Europe at that time, Lola went to Japan where she learned the pedagogy and teaching of the SUZUKI™ Method.  In 1982 she received the Talent Education Research Institute Diploma, and was recognized as a pioneer of this method in Europe, by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and Dr. Haruko Kataoka. 

Over a period of 40 years, Lola taught at all levels, training many Suzuki students and teachers.  In Italy, Lola taught Piano Teacher Training Courses for about 20 years, enabling the spread of the SUZUKI™ Method for Piano.

When asked about her musical career, Lola said, 'I discovered music at the age of 6 and I thank God for having led me down this path' .....'The SUZUKI™ Method is the greatest gift I have ever received from heaven!'.

Lola Tavor's passion, musicality and commitment will live on in the hearts of countless students and inspire the work of the many Suzuki teachers she trained.


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