April 2021
Anne-Berit Halvorsen, Violin Teacher, Chair Norsk Suzukiforbund and Country Director Norway served on the ESA Board for 20 years up until her resignation this year.  Anne-Berit introduced the SUZUKI™ Method to Norway and Norsk Suzukiforbund (NSF) was founded in 1999.  Ann-Berit has been involved in building NSF from its infancy to the established association that it is today.  Children, young people and their families throughout Norway have benefited from Summer courses, Seminars and lessons from SUZUKI™ trained teachers and NSF has become visible not only in Norwegian music life, but also in Europe.  Anne-Berit is awarded Honorary Membership for her dedication, skill and the wonderful educator and human being that she is.

April 2020
Christophe Bossuat, Teacher Trainer Violin, Country Director France was one of the first Violin Teachers studying with Dr. Suzuki in Matsumoto - he was a "kenkyusei" from 1976-1978 when he graduated.  After returning to France, he founded the national Suzuki association together with Judy W. Bossuat- Gallic.  At the same time, Christophe and Judy both founded the "Ecole de Musique Suzuki de Lyon" which soon became a centre of Suzuki Teaching and Teacher Training in France.  Christophe was a member of the ESA Board from the early 80's to April 2020 and has been invited as Workshop Teacher and Lecturer all over Europe, America and Canada.  He pioneered the SUZUKI™ Method in Spain, Italy and Turkey and since 2001 has been building up a Teacher Training Course in South Africa.

Antonio Mosca, Violoncello Teacher Trainer, and Lee Robert Mosca, Violin Teacher Trainer, Italy have lived together for 50 years many of them dedicated to education through the SUZUKI™ Method.  In 1975 they introduced the SUZUKI™ Method in Italy and founded the first SUZUKI™ School  and soon gained the appreciation, support and consent of Shinichi Suzuki himself, during a trip to Italy.  The orchestra of their ‘SUZUKI™ Talent Center’ in Turin has performed around 250 concerts all over the world and still represents excellence worldwide.  All Italian SUZUKI™ teachers of each instrument have found and continue to find inspiration from their knowledge and the quality of the wonderful results obtained.  Lee and Antonio also organised and hosted the 14th SUZUKI™ Method World Convention in Turin in 2006.  In 2018 Lee and Antonio wrote their book ‘50 years of Music together’.  The book is full of memories and experiences as well as suggestions for new generations. The book opens with these words -  ‘We are musicians and educators. This is a path to reach the truth. It is our path. We do not want to follow another one, nor can we.’

April 2018
Sven Sjögren, Teacher Trainer Violin, President & Country Director Sweden started teaching the Suzuki Method™ in the early 70's and studied with John Kendall in ISUE, Edwardsville in 1973-74.  In 1976 he first met Dr. Suzuki in Japan to get help with translating the book "Nurtured by Love" into Swedish.  Sven founded the Swedish Suzuki Association in 1983. After his second visit to Japan in 1985, Sven was awarded his "Teacher Trainer Diploma" by Dr. Suzuki himself.  In 1988 he organized the European Suzuki Convention in Borlänge, Sweden.  Sven has been a Board Member of the ESA from 1985 - 2018, served as Hon. Secretary until 2007 and has served on the ISA Board from 2000-2006.

Caroline Gowers, Teacher Trainer Piano UK was first a Suzuki mother (to now concert violinist Kathy Gowers), and then one of the first participants on the ESA Teacher Trainer courses for Suzuki Piano run by the BSI in the early 1980’s.  Caroline studied in Japan with Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Kataoka in 1986. Caroline became Director of Piano Teacher Training for the BSI until 1999 but has since continued to teach on the BSI course for more than three decades.  In 1995 she was co-director for the Piano section of the ‘International Suzuki Convention’ in Ireland.  Due not only to her pedagogical skill, but also to her perception, deep compassion for people, and her generosity of spirit, she has quietly profoundly enriched the lives of the many teachers, parents and students, throughout Europe, USA, and Japan where she has been on the faculty.  

Anne-Marie Oberreit, Teacher Trainer Piano Belgium, was introduced to Suzuki was as a parent.  Dr. Suzuki’s student Tomiko Shida was the teacher of her children in Brussels.  In the early 1980’s Anne Marie trained on the first Suzuki Piano Training course run by the BSI - at that time the only one in Europe.  Ann-Marie organised the impressive ‘1st International Piano Basics Conference’ in Brussels, which was the last visit to Europe by Dr. Kataoka, in 1994, and was attended by teachers from around the world.  In the 1990’s she organised one of the first multi-piano concerts in Europe with her colleagues, and multi piano became a feature at some of her workshops.  Anne Marie is known for her hospitality, tireless and generous spirit, her lovely relationship with the parents, and her never ending research into how to be a better piano teacher.

April 2016
Helen Brunner, Violin Teacher Trainer, United Kingdom was the pioneer Suzuki Violin Teacher in Europe in 1969, and founded the London Suzuki Group in 1972.  Helen is a Teacher Trainer for the ESA and the SAA (Suzuki Association of the Americas).  She teaches the SUZUKI™ Method all over the world and was the first teacher to set up Violin Teacher Training in Russia, in Moscow in 2013.  Helen  directed the two BSMA (British Suzuki Music Association) Suzuki Gala Concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2016 and 2023. Helen was awarded a Gold Medal by the Government of Poland for Distinguished Services to the Polish People for Culture and Heritage (2015) and a Lifetime Achievement Award from ESTA (European String Teachers Association) (2016)

March 2013
Karen-Michele Kimmett, Violin Teacher Trainer, France was a vital force in the formation of the French Suzuki Community and her tireless dedication to the development of the Suzuki Method™ has had an impact in many other parts of the world.  In Canada, U.S.A, South Africa and Europe, her qualities as a Suzuki Teacher and humanitarian have been well recognised and much appreciated.  Karen continues to generously share her knowledge and although now living in Canada, still works to support the ESA.

March 2012
Esther Lund Madsen, Piano Teacher Trainer, Denmark was assigned by Dr. Suzuki to start the Suzuki Method™ for Piano in Denmark. Following her more than 35 years work for the Suzuki Method in Denmark and in many other European countries, Esther was appointed Honorary Member of the Danish Suzuki Association on 5 November 2011.

September 2009
Haukur F Hannesson, Chair ESA, Sweden was awarded Honorary Membership and appointed Honorary President of the ESA for his huge contribution as Chair over a period of 22 years.  During this time Haukur realised his vision that the ESA would be a platform of communication to facilitate the development of Suzuki in Europe and through his strong leadership, sound advice and good guidance the ESA continued to develop and grow.

September 2008
Birte Kelly, Administrator, England was awarded Honorary Membership of the ESA on the announcement of her impending retirement for her invaluable contribution to the running of the ESA as an organisation working both as Deputy Chair and Administrator for over 20 years.

September 2006
Lola Tavor, Piano Teacher Trainer, Switzerland was awarded Honorary Membership of the ESA in recognition of her service to the Suzuki Method™ over many years.

Jeanne Janssens, Violin Teacher Trainer, Belgium was awarded Honorary Membership of the ESA in recognition of a lifelong and outstanding service to the Belgian Suzuki Association, the ESA and the International Suzuki Community.

September 2005
Tove Detreköy (1925-2018), Violin Teacher Trainer and Bela Detreköy (1925-2017) from Denmark were awarded Honorary Membership of the ESA following their election as Honorary Members of the Danish Suzuki Association.  This award recognised and celebrated their contribution to the development of the Suzuki Method™ in Denmark and in Europe.

October 1994
Judy W Bossuat-Gallic, Violin Teacher Trainer, France was awarded Honorary Membership of the ESA in recognition of her services to the ESA as a founder member and a driving force behind all that has been achieved to date.  This honour came at a time when Judy moved from France to live in the United States of America.