World's first Suzuki Trumpet Teacher Trainer appointed in Sweden

By ESA Administrator

23rd March 2015

Anne-Marie Sundberg was appointed as the first Suzuki Trumpet Teacher Trainer at a recent Board Meeting of the European Suzuki Association.

Ann-Marie has been working on the development of the Trumpet as a Suzuki instrument for the past 10 years - a project which has been most rewarding for both the world Suzuki community and the field of brass pedagogy.

During this period, the Trumpet, as the first brass instrument, has become a part of the Suzuki Approach which has been an important development of the Method.  Ann-Marie’s work on this has been characterised by a very high level of professionalism, deep knowledge of the instrument and the teaching of it, as well as attention to detail in every aspect of her work.  Following this, the success of the Suzuki Method™ for Trumpet is evident - there has been an active interest from brass players and teachers from all over the world.

Since Ann-Marie was appointed ESA Instructor in March 2013, she has worked tirelessly with her Supervisor, Haukur F Hannesson, ESA Teacher Trainer Violoncello, in organising and implementing Suzuki Teacher Trainer Courses for Trumpet Teachers.  During the academic year of 2013-2014 ten teachers from four countries passed their Level 1 Trumpet ESA examinations.  

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