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War in Ukraine - Appeals for help from the Suzuki Community

By Nataliia

07th August 2022

- Donations of money for the Suzuki Teachers who have lost their only income
- Offer of places to live for refugee Suzuki families and teachers
- Donations of instruments for refugee families and teachers
- Offer of Suzuki lessons for refugee families

Email UNSA on ukr.suzuki@gmail.com to send offers of help

UNSA Bank details for donations

Distribution of donations
UPDATE 13 March 2022
UPDATE 22 March 2022
UPDATE 2 April 2022
UPDATE 12 April 2022
UPDATE 24 April 2022
UPDATE 10 May 2022

JustGiving Crowd Funding for Ukranian Suzuki Association

Suzuki Teaching Trust - Pianos for Ukrainian teachers

Offers of Help 23 March 2022
Offers of Help 2 April 2022

Updates from Ukrainian Suzuki Teachers

Ukrainian National Suzuki Association

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