Videos On Line with Dr Suzuki's Teaching

By Wilfried

01st March 2019

It is now so long ago that we could see Dr Suzuki teaching in person.  Most of us as Suzuki teachers never had the chance to meet him.

In 1982, Dr Suzuki came to Belgium.  I was so happy as a 19 year old boy - in-between being a student and a grown up - that I could attend both workshops for children and teachers.  As for many of us Suzuki teachers at that meeting, that moment changed my life.  Four months before starting the university (with other studies in my mind), I decided that becoming a Suzuki violin teacher was more my dream - inspired by that marvelous international convention where Dr Suzuki was teaching.

Being a Suzuki child (since 1971) was for many years unforgettable for me, as we had a wonderful teacher, as well as being together with lots of friends every week.  During those pioneering years of the Suzuki Method in Europe, we could meet several times a year with a great team of teachers, all taught by Dr Suzuki himself in Matsumoto.  They were only a group of 9, but a great team .  They shared their wonderful and fantastic ideas together.  Teachers from America also came to teach us.  They were all exciting, motivating and inspiring.  Then the Suzuki Method in Europe started also to grow as in the United States. 

After Dr Suzuki died in 1998, many beautiful stories were told.  Memories from the first generation Suzuki teachers inspired the new ones.  Sometimes we could see videos made by the teachers themselves when Dr. Suzuki was teaching.  Their speeches were good to listen as well.  I still dream that everyone who has these videos at home will put them somewhere on the internet, or that we all have a common website where we can find inspiring memories from this great man.  It is the best to look at it when we are together during Teacher Training sessions or at institutes.  Hearing stories, looking at videos where Dr Suzuki is teaching, is the best training you can find for yourself.  It makes you think and it makes you talk about why, how, and what is important to teach your students.  It would be wonderful to see how Dr. Suzuki taught us to develop as a teacher.  He developed all the time; I’m sure about that. 

After more than 30 years of teaching, I have developed a lot myself.  And still I want to learn, to have new ideas, or old ideas in a new jacket.  Some time ago I discovered that we can find more information about Suzuki’s teaching.  I found some videos online and we looked at them together in our Teacher Training program in Belgium.  Our teachers understood more about balancing the bow than before, about Tonalization, about posture and listening.  We all should look at them and feel that it helps us to teach better again.  And please, let us share what we know and what we can share with each other. Here is a list of the videos I found -

Suzuki Method VIDEO GUIDANCE No.1 1 of 3

Suzuki Method VIDEO GUIDANCE No.1 2 of 3

Suzuki Method VIDEO GUIDANCE No.2 1 of 3

Suzuki Method VIDEO GUIDANCE No5 training in tonalization

Suzuki Method VIDEO GUIDANCE No. 5 lessons in tonalization 2

Suzuki Method VIDEO GUIDANCE No. 5 lessons in tonalization 5

Suzuki Method VIDEO GUIDANCE No. 5 lessons in tonalization 4

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