SUZUKI™ Sundays - SEASON 3

By ESA Administrator

09th January 2022

Following on from a very successful and popular second season of SUZUKI™ Sundays, we are pleased the announce the program for Season 3.

Subscription will open two weeks before the date of each session.

Sunday 6 February 2022
Group is the Glue - how Technology can help us stick together
Presented by Kate Conway, ESA Violin Teacher Trainer, UK

Sunday 6 March 2022
New ways of reaching Families
Presented by Shannon Hawes, ESA Violin Teacher Trainer, Denmark

Sunday 3 April 2022
Opening a SUZUKI™ School and working together with Colleagues and Friends
Presented by Clara Agusti, ESA Violin and ECE Teacher, Spain

Sunday 5 June 2022
Preparing students for SUZUKI™ Graduation - a view from the SUZUKI™ Triangle
Presented by Margaret Parkin, ESA Violin Teacher Trainer and Viola Teacher, UK

Sunday 3 July 2022
The power of Positive Psychology and the SUZUKI™ Method
Presented by Gerda Thorn, ESA Flute Teacher, Netherlands

Attendance by subscription. ESA members only. Places are limited.
Please do not subscribe unless you are committed to attending on the day.

Subscription is free
The generosity of those who give their time to make SUZUKI™Sundays happen is much appreciated.

No recordings are made
These sessions are not recorded through respect for the protection of content of presentations.

Numbers are limited
Teachers who subscribe and do not attend on the day, deny colleagues the chance to attend.

No waiting list
Subscription is on a first come first served basis. Once it is fully booked, subscription is closed.

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