'SUZUKI™ Method - A Great Start' was a great day!

By Flora

07th December 2017

The Advanced Training Day 'SUZUKI™ Method - A Great Start'  with Helen Brunner, ESA Teacher Trainer UK -  was a big success with the Suzuki Teachers in Hof.

It was a great working day on the 2nd on December 2017.  Together with students from the music school of the Hofer Symphoniker working in single and group lessons,  Helen demonstrated the important teaching points of the SUZUKI™ Method.  Helen explained what is so special about this approach to music education and how it is applied.  There were also lectures for parents.

Helen Brunner (centre) with course participants

Everyone enjoyed the day!

Helen Brunner graduated on Violin from the Royal College of Music, London, before discovering the SUZUKI™ Method in 1968 in New York, through her four little children.  In 1969, Helen pioneered the London (UK) Suzuki Group, the first Suzuki group in Europe and studied extensively  with Dr Suzuki in Japan, graduating in 1983.  

SuzukiMusik Deutschland 2011 e. V.

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