Students from Germany return to the National Children's Workshop SWITZERLAND

By Susanne

03rd July 2019

In nice weather, three families from Langen/ Hesse went on the „Ascension Day“ to Emmetten at the beautiful „Vierwaldstättersee“ in Switzerland.  They wanted to take part for the fourth time in the 15th National Children´s workshop of the Suzuki Institute Zürich Lucerne Basel which took place from May the 30th till June, the 2nd  2019.

The siblings Sofia (11) and Luca (13) and the both friends Jan (12) and Reyansh (7) were very well prepared by their Suzuki Piano teacher Susanne Fauteck, from Darmstadt (Germany).
Sofia, Luca and Jan were very happy to reunite with Ingmar and Jasper from Switzerland.  They see each other in the meanwhile 1-2 times/ year inline with the Suzuki Piano workshops to play piano together.  They also were looking forward to seeing the workshop teacher Anna Sibley (Great Britain), Kristine Ravina (Lithuania) and Michelle Post (Switzerland), whom they met before.

 Photo by Uta Pacifico
Sofia Pacifico (11), Jan Lößner (12), Reyansh Boda Vittal (7), Luca Pacifico (13).

All four young pianists took part in the daily workshops.  In addition to the individual lessons at the piano, they played with six pianists as a small piano orchestra melodies from the film “Harry Potter”.  Furthermore, they worked together with their Suzuki piano teacher Susanne Fauteck for their concert piece and practiced a lot for the final concert.

Also the recital of the “Allegro” and “Adagio” from the Sonata B- Major, KV 358, for four hands- played by Sofia and Luca Pacifico- got a big applause.

In their leisure time, they took little trips into the mountains.  The daily visit to the swimming pool of the hotel (the highlight was the synchronised jump of the five young pianists into the cool wet) and Tandem-Paragliding of Reyansh and his father between the end of course and the final concert at the last day, will be (next to the musical impression) unforgettable moments of the young pianists in the mountains of Switzerland.

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