Revised ISA Policy on Teacher Training

By ESA Administrator

03rd February 2021

The International Suzuki Association has revised its policy on Teacher Training in order to accommodate online Teacher Training.

There are changes which affect all Teacher Trainers and Teachers in the ESA Region.

Jurisdiction of SUZUKI™ Teacher Trainers

SUZUKI™  Teacher Training offered anywhere in the region by an approved Teacher Trainer from that region is valid in all countries in the region.

Teacher Trainers are authorized to give teacher training courses only in the region where they have been appointed, unless formally invited by another region. 

Regions may invite trainers from other regions to offer training courses on an ad hoc basis as the need arises, with the following stipulations:

- Invited trainers must be in good standing in the region where they are officially appointed. 

- When a trainer is invited and approved to offer a course in another region, the training offered must conform to the policies and guidelines of the hosting region and publicized accordingly.

- Regions may require visiting trainers to be a member of the hosting region for the duration of the training course.

Reciprocity of Training across Regional Associations

All teachers taking training must be members of the Regional Association where they are living. 

Teachers wishing to take training in another region, whether it be in-person or online training, must have the endorsement of both their home region and the region hosting the training. 

Regions may recommend or require that teachers pursue training in their home region if it is available. 

Each region should establish guidelines for recognizing teachers who move to the region from another or who have done in-person or online training in another region. 

Teachers may be asked to do additional training and/or demonstrate performance competency on their instrument.

SUZUKI™ Method Worldwide

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