Reunion of Suzuki students at Piano Ensemble Days Hesse GERMANY

By Susanne

12th July 2019

The 3rd Piano Ensemble Days Langen 2019 took place in Langen, a small town in a region of Germany close to Frankfurt/Main called Hesse, from 20 to 22nd of June.

It was with great enthusiasm and curiosity that eleven Suzuki and non-Suzuki students aged 7-13 years practiced the chamber music team play. In the group work, all ears and eyes of the participants were wide opened for the piano music for six and eight hands.

All students started to practice their pieces in February and now finally, six months later, had the opportunity to play together with their piano partners and to listen to their music.  For all young pianists, it was very fascinating to experience how the piano pieces came together and sounded like a mosaic as a whole. 

Everyone also enjoyed the social aspect of the workshop as some friendships from kindergarten days were renewed and some children met each other again to play piano music together from the 2nd Piano Ensemble Days Langen last year.

Back row: Lilli Fichera, Kira Kujath, Annabel Klein, Helena Klein, Anna Bröse, Jan Lößner
Front row: Morten Müller, Carla Gumnior, Jibril Laout, Leonie Bröse, Luise Stoytchkov

The final concert sounded like a colourful bouquet of well known melodies from six to 22 hands at one and three pianos for the happiness of the parents, the teachers and for the young pianists themselves.

SuzukiMusik Deutschland 2011 e. V.

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