New Suzuki instruments in the Czech Republic!

By Martina

08th July 2019

The Suzuki Method in the Czech Republic has been a great success in the first half of 2019 - not just Violin and Piano but also a Guitar, Flute and SECE are now available in the Czech Republic.

Kateřina Jegorovová became the first Suzuki Guitar teacher in March 2019 and took her Teacher Training course in Saluzzo, Italy with Elio Galvagno.   Kateřina currently teaches in Prague.

In May, Martina Pudelová became the first Czech SECE Teacher after taking the Teacher Training Course in Switzerland with Patricia Ruttimann.

Markéta Stivínová took the Flute Teacher Training course with Karen Lavie, Netherlands.   Markéta teaches in Prague as the first Czech Suzuki Flute teacher. 

The latest success is 4 Violin trainees completing the Teacher Training Course Agathe Jerie held in Prague 2018/2019.
One of these trainees, Ivana Ondrušková is a resident in Slovakia and becomes the very first certified Slovakian Suzuki teacher. 

Czech Suzuki violin teachers with Teacher Trainers: Lenka Němcová, Jiří Sládek, Ivana Ondrušková, Ewa Tosik (PL), Helen Brunner (GB), Agathe Jerie (CH), Martina Pudelová, Jana Hrabaňová, Vít Bureš


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