New ESA Officer appointed

By ESA Administrator

30th September 2020

Juan-Carlos Navarro Gimeno was appointed by the ESA Board as Officer on 30 September 2020. 

We asked Juan-Carlos to write a little about himself for the ESA News page -

"I did my SUZUKI™ Teacher Training at the British Suzuki Institute with Felicity Lipman, Barbara Parham, Alison Appley, and Clare Santer, amongst other guest trainers.  I am also trained in Rolland Pedagogy, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Music Mind Games, and a Master at the Valencian International University.  I have served on the Board of the Federación Española del Método Suzuki for two years.  Since 2005, I have been teaching Violin and Chamber Music in the Conservatorio "Torrejón y Velasco" in Albacete (Spain).

When I started my SUZUKI™ training, I was merely looking for tools and strategies for teaching - mostly tools to teach beginners and groups.   However, I fell in love with the SUZUKI™ philosophy from the beginning - how musical the method is and how fantastic the approach towards the global education of the student.  So, I decided to qualify at all five levels. 

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach Violin in Institutes, Workshops, and Masterclasses around Europe.  One of the best experiences was to share time with colleagues who then became friends and mentors.  To see them work, collaborating, taking care of the pupils thinking about their development in the short, medium, and long term was also excellent training.  I can very humbly say that I started to see the real magnitude of the power of the SUZUKI™ Method.

I came to realise that being a SUZUKI™ teacher is not just about knowing the teaching points but also having strategies to work effectively and have fun with students, forming a good team with parents and children, getting them to listen to the CD and review the pieces.  Above all this came as a pleasant surprise, and responsibility as well as a duty to know that our task as SUZUKI™ teachers  strongly depends on ensuring that all these factors are in place.

Now, as Officer, I have the opportunity to help to take care of that power, of the community, and of its members.  The task is overwhelming, but I am impressed by the excellent team I join. I have watched them work and I admire their commitment, intelligence, and dedication to the SUZUKI™ Method in Europe.  I hope to be of help to this fantastic community."

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