Bravo! National Concert Switzerland

By Martin

21st November 2022

The 3rd edition of the Swiss National concert took place on Saturday 12th November 2022 after a break of four years.  It was hosted by the Suzuki School Lucerne/Zurich/Basel.  More than 270 children from all parts of Switzerland participated.

Besides the wonderful group performance of our young pianists, we had a group of flutists for the first time and, with more than 40 kids, the largest guitar group we ever.  The violins presented a solid level up to book 8.  Also cello participated in a large group and, of course, also the performance of Suzuki Early Childhood was a delight. 

We are thrilled to announce the 4th edition in 2024.  It will be organised by the Suzuki departement of the CLEM (Lausanne) and take place in the french part of Switzerland for the first time. 

Institut Suzuki Suisse

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