Memorial Mass for Anniversary of Dr Suzuki's death

By ESA Administrator , Yumi Goubara

26th January 2021

January 26 is the anniversary of Dr. Suzuki’s death.

We, TERI, held the Memorial Mass last Saturday for Dr. and Mrs. Suzuki from 11:00 a.m. at Matsumoto Catholic Church.  This year, only a few people attended the Mass at the church because of Covid-19 pandemic.  Although the Mass was short and there was no music, many people were able to participate since it was distributed online.  

Here is an abridged English translation of TERI President Dr. Hayano’s message 

Thank you very much for attending the Memorial Mass for Dr. and Mrs. Suzuki. It has been 23 years since Dr. Suzuki passed away on January 26, 1998.  After his death, the Memorial Mass has been held every year by volunteers. However, four years ago, the Board decided to hold it as an official event of TERI.

This year, due to COVID-19, Mrs. Hiroko Suzuki and I attend the online Mass from home, and Prof. Toyoda sent us a recorded message in advance. Usually, many teachers come to Matsumoto, and play Eccles Sonata together at the end of the Mass. It is sad that we cannot perform, but instead we decided to live broadcast the Mass using Zoom, so that the teachers who have had no chance of attending the Mass before can participate this time.

Dr. Suzuki would be pleased that we are attending the Mass in this new way.

The video with English subtitles will be available soon.

Dr Shinichi Suzuki

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