Latvian Suzuki Association celebrates 10th Anniversary

By Sallija

10th June 2023

The dream to bring the SUZUKI™ Method to Latvia has come true!  From 4 Piano teachers and a small number of families at the start, the Latvian Suzuki Association (LvSA) has grown to 14 teachers (8 Pianos, 2 Violins, 3 Cellos, 1 Contrabass) and more than 150 kids!

Piano teachers Kristīne Rāviņa and Tamāra Gžibovska brought the SUZUKI™ Method to our country 15 years ago and they founded LvSA to ensure the development of the SUZUKI™ Method in Latvia.

Step by step, we have built our association by strengthening the Suzuki Community through the first Graduation Concerts, National Workshops, Teachers Training Courses and many other events.

We are deeply grateful to our wonderful Teachers Trainers - Mary McCarthy (Piano), Koen Rens (Violin) and Anja Maja (Violoncello)- who help us to grow and develop the Suzuki spirit in Latvia.

LvSA organized 3 concerts to celebrate this wonderful event.  We were really happy to get Koen Rens and friends from Lithuania to play with us in the Charity Concert at St.Peter’s Church in Riga on 30 April 2023.

Inspired by the British Suzuki Gala Concert in the Royal Albert Hall, we created our 'Latvian Suzuki Gala'.  It took place in the main concert hall of our capital city Riga on 4 June 2023 and brought together on the one stage all Latvian Suzuki students and teachers.

It was a great pleasure to listen groups of Pianos, Violins, Cellos, and Contrabasses play repertoire from the Suzuki Books as well as other special  pieces.

Of course, the finale of this concert was a performance by everyone playing  a special arrangement of 'Twinkle' by our Piano teacher Ilze Poke written for the concert.

Here is a video of the Charity Concert at St.Peter’s Church in Riga on 30 April 2023

We hope to continue our journey through this wonderful Suzuki world. Wish us a good luck!

Sallija Bankevica, Chair LvSA

Latvian Suzuki Association

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