In Memoriam - Marianna Rüttimann-Zihler, Violin Teacher Switzerland

By Martin

17th October 2022

With a heavy heart we announce the passing of Marianna Rüttimann-Zihler.  She died peacefully at her home on Monday 10th of October 2022 and is remembered by all as a most caring, loving and compassionate teacher, mother and wife.

Together with her husband Peter, she founded one of the firsSUZUKI™ programs in Switzerland in the late 1970’s.  Having worked as a primary school teacher for several years, she dedicated her life to educate children through the SUZUKI™ approach.  Since the first Suzuki Conference in Munich in 1979, she attended most of the conventions when Dr.Suzuki came to Europe.  She even had plans together with Waltraud Suzuki to host such an event in Switzerland, which in the end did not become a reality. 

One of the greatest lessons we all learned from her was a truly inclusive attitude while searching for better results and a better quality constantly.  She worked so hard to become a better teacher every day.  The school truly was her priority and finding a balance between family life and the school was a big challenge for her over the years.

Much too early she was diagnosed with a disease which started hindering her in all her activities she loved so much.  She accepted her fate with an amazing dignity.  Her husband Peter has taken care of her for more than the past 10 years with the greatest heart we can imagine. 

A great soul has left us.  She leaves a big gap and remains in eternal memory.


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