Further Teacher Training a Joy!

By ESA Administrator

29th March 2024

Further Teacher Training March 16 & 17 2024 Hof/Bavaria
SuzukiMusik Deutschland 2011 e.V. (SMD)

Flora Gáll - Violin
This year, it was marvelous that Helen Brunner (herself a trainee of Shinichi Suzuki, travelled to Hof for the violin participants of the SMD Further Teacher Training to share with boundless energy her vast experience with teachers and students and their parents.  She truly symbolizes and lives as an example of the motto Joy of Teaching.  What a perfect model for our community! 

Markus Jung - Violoncello
The Celli, growing in number of participants this time were inspired in Hof by Anja Maja from Finland.  The cheerful, loving guest lecturer created an atmosphere full of warmth and scholarly community that couldn’t have been truer to Suzuki’s way.  The participating teachers, students, and parents were all inspired and regretted that the workshop only lasted one weekend. 

Britta Roscher - Flute
For the first time, the annual Further Teacher Training in Hof also offered a workshop for Flute teachers.  Gerda Thorn (NL) developed her Little Bird Method in the course of many years.  Participating teachers received a handbook and a voluminous collection of pieces for their start with 2.5 – 6 year old children and their parents.  Breath control, development of embouchure, and posture were practiced in very playful ways with lots of singing and the fostering of finger motor skills.
Britta Roscher (D) focused on warm-ups, coordination games, and body percussion, that are fitting supplements to each group lesson or each workshop.  They provide variation and are simply fun to do. The exchange was very motivating, functional, and inspiring! 

SuzukiMusik Deutschland 2011 e.V. (SMD)

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