First SUZUKI™ Method Book for Brass

By ESA Administrator

05th June 2021

With much joy and enthusiasm, the International Suzuki Association’s Brass Committee and Alfred Music are proud to present Suzuki Trumpet School, Volume 1. It is the first SUZUKI™ Method book for the brass instrument family!

This volume is the basis for both technical and musical development within the larger context of SUZUKI™ pedagogy and philosophy. An understanding of these principles and how to use these materials is paramount to achieving the intended goals of the SUZUKI™ Method: to develop musical ability in a natural and joyful way while fostering a students’ personal growth to become a noble citizen of the world. Teacher training is recommended through the International Suzuki Association.

Immersed in a positive environment of watching and listening, the beginner develops their instrumental voice where the focus is on a beautiful tone, effortless sound production, and natural expression, providing a strong foundation before note reading is introduced. With the guidance of a teacher and the nurturing support of a parent, this allows students as young as 4 years old to begin their instrumental journey. Foundational work at the “Pre-Twinkle” level should precede this volume at the discretion of a trained Suzuki teacher.

suzuki trumpet recordings with caleb hudson and michael schneider 2

This book is the culmination of over 12 years of work and research amongst trumpet and brass teachers, established Suzuki teachers, and advisors from the Suzuki community and beyond. On behalf of all collaborators and contributors, we present this exciting volume to be added to body of works for trumpet education.

The recordings will be available for teaching and practice purposes on SmartMusic, and also available for download. Caleb Hudson, from the Canadian Brass, is the recording artist for this first volume, and he is accompanied by Michael Schneider.


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