First Season of SUZUKI™ Sundays a great success!

By ESA Administrator

06th July 2021

The idea of SUZUKI™ Sundays came about as a way to reach out to Teachers on a regular basis and keep connected, offering free, topical lectures and discussions.

To date these have been highly successful, getting booked up within hours of subscription being opened. It is hoped to continue on for a second season in September.

SUZUKI Sunday3

December 2020
Anke van der Bijl - Music Education in Modern Times

January 2021
Daniel Fajardo - SUZUKI™ Teaching Online: a Challenge or an Opportunity?

Helen Brunner - The significance of the SUZUKI™ Method today

Elaine Wilson - Running a Workshop Online

Keri Cassidy Taylor - The ideal Pre-Twinkle Family

Jenny MacMillan - Sight Reading and Scales using SUZUKI™ principles

Koen Rens - The reality of Hope and expectation of Miracles

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