First generation SUZUKI™ Teacher celebrates 80th birthday

By Wilfried

06th June 2018

6 June 2018


Dear Colleagues, Teachers in the Suzuki Method

There was one day, when we all got involved with this great way of educating young children.  There was one moment when we all felt the same.

For most of us, it was quite easy.  Of course, we had to travel a bit, we had to find time and money, but we could learn about the Suzuki Method in our own country.  We could

learn in a very good way.  We learned mostly from the first generation of Suzuki teachers who left their job, their families and their safe way of life, to go to Matsumoto, Japan.

One of these first generation teachers is my teacher, Jeanne Janssens - she was a pioneer.  Going in the early 70’s to Japan, travelling for more than 70 hours, without knowing where she was going to.  I cannot speak for this first generation, but what I heard from them was “we went to Matsumoto because of ‘Nurtured by Love’ - we believed in it.”

For us, first generation Suzuki children, it was a great time.  Every year we met ‘our’ teachers several times.  In Europe we had no more than 9 and we met them every year.  Can you imagine?  Tove and Bela Detrekoy, Susan Johnson and many others.  What a privileged life we had being a Suzuki student in the 70’s in Europe. Wow, we had all the luck.  We met all this great ‘pioneers’.  They learned from Dr Suzuki himself.  We could meet also Dr Suzuki as a child, beacause these pioneers brought him to us.  In the 80’s, he came so many times.  I’m so gratefull – we all should be so grateful. We learned so much from them.

Today Jeanne Janssens will become 80 years of age.

Without this first generation of great  teachers, the Suzuki Method would not have grown so quickly throughout Europe.  I’m very thankful and honoured to be a part of the first group of Suzuki children.  Thank you to these teachers who went to Matsumoto

Today, I ask you to join me in thanking Jeanne Janssens for giving her heart to the Suzuki Method in Europe, for giving her heart to so many young children and wishing her a very Happy 80th Birthday!

With warm wishes

Wilfried van Gorp
Violin Teacher Trainer, Belgium

Talent Education Suzuki Institute Belgium

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