ESA STATEMENT Concerning the SUZUKI Trademark

By ESA Administrator

24th May 2019

Contrary to the information posted on the Deutsche Suzuki Gesellschaft e.V. (DSG) website that the International Suzuki Association (ISA) does not own the mark SUZUKI, the ISA still is and has been the owner of the word mark and the figurative mark SUZUKI TM in Europe and consequently in Germany.  We refer to the following registrations –

EUTM 3969342
EUTM 13879549

which can be found in the respective registers ( or

The EUTM 3969342 for the word/device SUZUKI, covering “musical recordings, printed music, tutorials, courses and lessons related to music, music publishing etc.)”

The EUTM 13879549 for the word SUZUKI covering: “musical recordings, downloadable musical recordings, tutorials, courses, seminars and lessons relating to music, music publishing services etc.”

In regard of the decision made by the Office of Harmonization (OHIM)** in November 2014, it was stated that “the community mark remains registered for all the remaining goods and services, namely:
Class 9: musical recordings
Class 16: printed music, sheet music; musical scores;
Class 41: Tutorials, courses, seminars and lessons relating to music; musical entertainment services; music publishing services.

“With regards to the services registered, the evidence submitted in particular the ESA Teachers Newsletter show clearly that teachers were trained according to the Suzuki method and that Suzuki teachers taught pupils to play musical instruments (etc.)”. 

Consequently, only ISA accredited SUZUKI™ institutions may offer teacher training and only such courses and examinations offered by the five regions (SAA, PPSA, ARSA, TERI and ESA) can be validated by the European Suzuki Association (ESA).

Despite a request by the ISA that the wrong and misleading statements issued by the DSG on their homepage, no progress has been made here.  We encourage SUZUKI™ teachers in Europe who are affiliated members of the ESA to proactively use the name SUZUKI™ to promote their activities, especially their SUZUKI™ Teacher Training Courses.

** In March 2016 the OHIM became the EUIPO, the European Intellectual Property Office, which is the European Union Agency responsible for the registration of the European Union trade mark (EUTM) and the registered Community design (RCD). 

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