Celebrating five years SUZUKI™ Piano Teacher Training GERMANY

By Annelore

16th January 2018

In November 2017, Suzuki Piano Teachers in Germany celebrated an anniversary - it was five years ago that the ESA Piano Teacher Training Course was established by Ruth Miura, ESA Piano Teacher Trainer, in Langen, Hessen, with the kind support of the Langen Music School.

The Teacher Training Course is directed in a most inspiring and lively way by Ruth Miura, who herself was trained by Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Kataoka.  Ruth is a graduate of Matsumoto,  Japan.

Participants come from a number of different countries in the ESA region, namely, Italy, Germany, Spain and Lithuania and as qualified Suzuki Piano Teachers are able to take the Suzuki Method™ for Piano back to their own countries.

SUZUKI™ Piano Teacher Training

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