Carnival of Europe - Flutes, Colour and Costume!

By Britta

30th March 2021

Music workshops, ensemble rehearsals, making music together in general have become difficult in these times and we all miss them very much.  Some SUZUKI™  Flute Teachers just did not want to accept this and together, across many national borders, they designed a virtual workshop day: Carnival of Europe - Suzuki Flute Day!  On February 14th, Carnival Sunday, the time had come! 

62 Flute students from Germany, Spain, Iceland, Belgium, USA, the Netherlands, Italy and France received Individual and Group lessons from an international team of lecturers -

Delphine Dewald (Belgium)
Laura Dudley (Spain)
Machteld van Geenhoven (Belgium)
Sarah Hanley (UK)
Laura Martin (Spain)
Marco Messina (Italy)
Britta Roscher (Germany)
Cathrine Starberg (Netherlands)
Margrét Stefánsdóttir (Iceland)
Gerda Thorn (Netherlands)
Kelly Watson (Germany / USA)
Rieneke Weber (Netherlands) 

25 Teacher Trainees also attended and were able to gain valuable teaching experience from so many different SUZUKI™ Flute Teachers. 

The Flute lessons were complemented by Rhythm classes led by Rieneke Weber and Cathrine Starberg.
The Rhythm training was packaged in a playful way to provide an entertaining and energetic session for everyone.  More of that in the future! 

Suzuki Flute Day 2021 1

Using the video tool “Zoom”, the participants gathered in different classrooms, met old friends and improved their flautist skills. 

In keeping with the carnival theme, costumes were the dress code and the final concert was a colorful and creative event!  There were fluting bees, ladybugs, rabbits, Zorros, flamingos, cats, princesses, wizards and lots of crazy headgear - a real feast for the eyes! 

Suzuki Flute Day 2021 3

The premiere of this European Suzuki Flute Day was a great success thanks to the help of committed parents who assisted the children on the computer.  A big thank you!  Everyone was delighted to discover that the special spirit that all Suzuki students know and love from face-to-face events was also carried over into the virtual world!  We all experienced a day dedicated to music combined with a strong feeling of community which will certainly carry us through the challenging weeks ahead.


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