Berlin marks the appointment of a new national Suzuki association for Germany

By ESA Administrator

15th December 2014

A series of events celebrating the appointment of SuzukiMusik Deutschland 2011 e.V. as the new national Suzuki association for Germany took place in Berlin from 2 to 5 October 2014.

Yoko Hoshino, Violin Suzuki Teacher and Chairman of the The Landesverband SuzukiMusik Deutschland 2011 e.V. Berlin organised a Berlin Suzuki Children’s Workshop and a Professional Development Workshop for Suzuki Teachers to mark the occasion.  These events were sponsored by the Dachverband SuzukiMusik Deutschland 2011 e. V.

The events were concluded with a grand finale of the first Annual General Meeting of SuzukiMusik Deutschland 2011 e.V. as the official national Suzuki association for Germany.

During the Workshop for Teachers, twelve Suzuki Violin Teachers took their ESA examinations from Level 1 to 4 and all passed their exams with results ranging from good to excellent.  The Teachers were Trainees of Christophe Bossuat, Flora Gáll and Cathy Shepheard.  

Invited as Teacher Trainers, key note speakers and Teachers at the Workshop were Christophe Bossuat (France), Doris Estermann-Renzler (Switzerland), Flora Gáll (Germany), Thalia Greenhalgh (USA), Lilja Hjaltadottir (Iceland), Koen Rens (Belgium), Gino Romero Ramirez (Germany), Martin Rüttimann (Switzerland) and Cathy Shepheard (Germany) al of whom administered the exams, taught the students of the Children’s Workshop and gave lectures about significant topics of the SUZUKI™ Method.

Doris Estermann-Renzler gave a most interesting presentation on Suzuki Early Childhood Education - Doris studied with Dorthy Jones (SAA and ESA SECE Teacher Trainer) in Canada.

The excellent organisational and pedagogical preparations by the Berlin Suzuki team Yoko Hoshino, Kristanne Harden, Julia Sahle, Kate Greenhalgh, Nerina Coppola, Sangit Boontje, Claudia Meinel and Satoko Hoshino culminated in four very successful work days full of positive energy that will keep resonating with everyone who attended for quite some time to come.

SuzukiMusik Deutschland 2011 e. V.

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