A visit to the National Suzuki Workshop, Emmetten SWITZERLAND

By Susanne

08th June 2018

With good weather on their side, five families from Langen/Hesse in Germany set out for Emmetten in Switzerland over the long weekend of the “Ascension Day”.
This was their third visit to the annual National Workshop of the Suzuki Association Lucerne/Zurich which took place from 10 to 13 May 2018. 

Siblings Luca (12) and Sofia (10),  Jan (11), Max (9) and friends Anton (14) and Laurin (14) attended the four very intense musical days with Suzuki Piano Teacher Susanne Fauteck from Darmstadt.
Maja (6) took part in the Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) workshop given by Patricia Rüttiman, ESA SECE Teacher Trainer and Michelle Post, Suzuki SECE Piano Teacher.  Maja was very happy to see children she had made friends with last year.

All the young girls and boys played the piano in individual and group lessons and deepened their piano skills in the masterclass.
They loved to play piano in a group of 10 children with the Piano workshop Suzuki teachers Janne Vasser (Estonia), Anna Sibley (Great Britain) and Michelle Post (Switzerland). 

There was also time for the children and their families to enjoy the countryside round Lake Lucerne surrounded by beautiful mountains.
The young pianists are planning to see each other again in Emmetten 2019!

Photo by Uta Pacifico
Front row (from left to right) Maja Lößner, Jan Lößner, Max Burk, Sofia Pacifico
Back row (from left to right) Laurin Hess, Luca Pacifico, Anton Kartmann

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