20 Years in the Making - Suzuki Voice School Vol 1

By Päivi

19th August 2022

After twenty years of work, the English and Spanish translations of Volume One have been internationally accepted by qualified Suzuki Voice Teachers and advisors around the world.  I want to warmly thank them for their dedication to the Suzuki Voice Program.

I also thank all the participants of the conventions, conferences and workshops where Volume One was introduced, revised and updated. The feedback and corrections have been most helpful.

Thank you to Paula Mäenpää for the book illustrations and Jaume Fargas Fernàndez for the computer and editing work for Volume One. And especially, I want to thank all the Suzuki Voice students and their families from around the world. Since 1986, you have helped us to make this Program a reality.

List of the people who have been involved including a list of workshops and conferences where Volume One was revised up to 2006.  Lots of work has been done after 2006, including revisions and edition of texts for example, in conferences and work-meetings during the last years.

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