European Suzuki Guitar Convention - Chitarrissima 2023

European Suzuki Guitar Convention - Chitarrissima 2023


22nd August 2023

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  • 22 August 2023 - 27 August 2023

  • Saluzzo

  • Organiser

    Elio Galvagno

  • Tribute to Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
    In 1987 I received from Dr. Suzuki the task of spreading his method everywhere for Guitar.  His vision that has guided me over the years with children has been simple
    - Every child can
    - Talent is not innate but must be developed, hence the education of talent
    - It all depends on the environment.

    Chitarrissima, in these 30 years has been and is the environment where I initiated many teachers on the path of the SUZUKI™ Method.  A free environment, open to new and continuous proposals, where research and experimentation continue.    
    One of the pillars of the method is the ORCHESTRA - 29 years ago the Guitar Orchestra had taken its first steps.  During the next edition we reflect on this experience and on the repertoire that has accompanied us in this period.

  • Teachers Conference 22-23 August 2023
    Two days to exchange and share the journey of these extraordinary years. We will also rethink which themes to prioritise and how to communicate the method today to new families and new teachers.

    Student Conference 24 - 27 August 2023
    Four days with the Guitar Orchestra repertoire at the centre and with concerts by the Guitar Orchestras of the various participating schools.

    CHITARRISIMA ORCHESTRA with students who have at least taken finished Book 3 of the Suzuki Guitar School.  Rehearsals start on Tuesday 22 August in the afternoon.

    JUNIOR ORCHESTRA reserved for students who have not yet finished Book 3 of the Suzuki Guitar School.  Rehearsals start on Thursday 24 August at 9 a.m.