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Independent Violoncello Teacher Training Course SWEDEN

Independent Violoncello Teacher Training Course SWEDEN


25th March 2023

    Event details

  • 25 March 2023 - 17 March 2024

  • Västerås

  • Organiser

    Haukur F Hannesson

  • ESA Suzuki Cello Teacher Trainer Haukur F. Hannesson, licensed by the European Suzuki Association (ESA), with support from the Västerås School of the Arts offers a Suzuki Cello Teacher Training course during 2023-2024 for ESA Level 3, ESA Level 4 and ESA Level 5.

    The course is divided into four course periods in Västerås and covers the following Suzuki cello books:

    • Level 3: Books 4 och 5.
    • Level 4: Books 6 och 7
    • Level 5: Books 8, 9 och 10

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