Spring SUZUKI™ Workshop UKRAINE

Spring SUZUKI™ Workshop UKRAINE


31st March 2023

    Event details

  • 31 March 2023 - 02 April 2023

  • Kyviv

  • Organiser

    Ukrainian National Suzuki Association

  • 80 participants from Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, and Kyiv regions will be joining this workshop. 

    Young violinists and pianists who study by the SUZUKI™ Method will have Violin and Piano lessons, orchestra rehearsals, classes of art therapy and dance. 

    This will be an important event that will help to emotionally support Ukrainian children, teachers and their parents. 

    The workshop is financed by donations which the Ukrainian National Suzuki Association (UNSA) has received from all over the world.

    UNSA are very grateful for the support shown to the Ukrainian Suzuki community at these difficult times.

    Thanks to donations, we are not only able to organise this event, but also to continue to study and teach.

    Nataliia Koptienkova
    President UNSA