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Russian Fed

Russian Suzuki Association (RSA)

Building 1 - XXVII/13, House 2A Kolodeznyi Pereulok, 107076 Moscow, Russian Federation


+7 (495) 142-03-23


  • Country Director

    Svetlana Surodina

  • Deputy Country Director

  • Treasurer

    Aleksey Poryadin

  • Administrator

    Svetlana Surodina

  • Secretary

    Aleksey Poryadin

  • Annual General Meeting

    16th February 2022

  • President

    Alexander Klyagin

  • Vice President


  • Other Board Members

    Elena Sterelyukhina

    Elena Avdeeva

    Anna Fil

    Ekaterina Zagumennaya

    Oxana Luneva

  • National Teacher Training Courses

    Piano - Kristinn Örn Kristinsson

    Violin - Helen Brunner

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