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SuzukiMusik Deutschland 2011 e. V. (SMD)

Klosterstraße 9 -11
95028 Hof
, Germany

Tel  +49 92 81 720017
Fax +49 92 81 720072

Ingrid Schrader

Chairwoman & ESA Country Director
Flora Gáll

Vice Chairwoman
Yoko Nijdam-Hoshino

Deputy ESA Country Director
Michaela Zirnbauer

Oliver Geipel

Gabriele Jahn

Further member of the Managing Committee
Astrid Petzold


Teacher Training for Violin

Flora Gáll
Catherine Shepherd

Teacher Training for Violoncello

Friederike Wilckens

Teacher Training for Piano

Ruth Miura

Membership of the ESA for Suzuki Teachers in Germany

Since 2012, Suzuki teachers in Germany have retained their membership of the ESA by Individual Associate Membership.  Membership fees are paid up until 31 December 2014.

Now that the SMD have been appointed the national Suzuki association for Germany, Suzuki teachers in Germany will be invited to renew their membership of the ESA in 2015 by becoming a member of the SMD which gives them automatic Individual Affiliate Membership of the ESA.

Individual Associate Membership of the ESA will no longer be available in Germany after 31 December 2014.

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