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News Article 18/04/2011

Double Bass Teacher Training Course a BIG SUCCESS

By Virginia Dixon, Teacher Trainer, Double Bass USA

The first of the 2011 Double Bass Teacher Training Courses was held near Copenhagen, Denmark in March.

The course attracted Teachers from all over Europe - Denmark, France, Great Britain,  Iceland,  Italy,  The Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

Graduates of the first course and their newly-attained levels are:

Michele Caillol, France,  Level 2
Michael Detreköy, Denmark, Level 1
Jesper Carlsen, Denmark, Level 1
Nicoline de Waal-Asberg, The Netherlands, Level 2
Páll Hannesson, Iceland, Level 1
Pippa Macmillan, Great Britain, Level 2
Antonello Peretto, Italy, Level 2
Peter Strøm Skriver, Denmark, Level 2

More Double Bass Teacher Training Courses are scheduled for May and October.

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