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News Article 09/03/2011

Eleonore Fürstin zu Salm-Salm 1919-2011

By Kerstin Wartberg, ESA Country Director, Germany

Honorary President of the European Suzuki Association (ESA), Eleonore Fürstin zu Salm-Salm died unexpectedly at the age of 91 on 16 February 2011.


Eleonore Fürstin first met Dr. Suzuki and his German wife Waltraud during the 8th International Suzuki Conference in Berlin in August 1987.  At the Conference, Eleonore Fürstin had the experience of seeing thousands of Suzuki students with their Teachers and parents from all over the world.  By making music only and without words, they demonstrated to her Dr. Suzuki's mission to bring up children through musical education.  Eleonore Fürstin learnt that it was not Dr. Suzuki's primary aim to train professional musicians but to contribute to the forming of the entire personality through music.  In a playful manner, memory, concentration, reaction, socializing with others and learning to appreciate the beauty of the arts are all trained.  Learning and practicing all aspects are a lifetime task.
With great conviction, perseverance and activity, Eleonore Fürstin supported Dr. Suzuki’s work for decades.  She visited concerts, Suzuki conferences and was even seen at Instrumental Courses.  In 1989 she became Chairwoman of the European Suzuki Association and in the year 2006, Honorary President. Besides generous donations, she was a wonderful host at her own beautiful residence in Sachsenwald, near Hamburg, which she offered up many times for Suzuki  Conferences.

On her 90th birthday in November 2009 and in the presence of Royalty, it was her explicit wish that the Suzuki group Junge Camerata Akademica, under the leadership of German Teacher Trainer Isabel Morey Suau, should perform for the guests.

Until the very end, Eleonore Fürstin remained in full presence of mind and actively took part in life.  Her parting leaves a large gap amongst her friends and patrons. We will always cherish her with great thankfulness.

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