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ISA Instrument Committees

The members of the International Suzuki Instrument Committees are nominated by their own Regional Suzuki Association, one member for each Suzuki instrument taught in that region.

The main task of the International Instrument Committees is to oversee the preparation of new Suzuki materials for each instrument or other educational activity covered by the Suzuki Method.

The International Instrument Committees have the right to the final say with regard to publications and choice of artist for recordings, in dialogue with the publisher in question. 

The International Suzuki Association (ISA) Board should, in general, accept the recommendations and decisions of the International Instrument Committees .


ISA  Instrument Committees - ESA Representatives

Cello: Ruben Rivera

Double Bass: Peter Strøm Skriver

Flute: Anke van der Bijl

Guitar: Harald Söderberg

Harp: Gabriella Bosio

Mandolin: Amelia Saracco

Organ: Gunilla Rönnberg

Piano: Kasia Borowiak

Recorder: Nancy Daly

Suzuki ECE: Appointment pending

Viola: Mysie Ferguson

Violin: Christophe Bossuat

Voice: Päivi Kukkamäki


Full details of International Instrument Committees


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